Wetpour Rubber

The Next Generation of Rubber Wetpour projects.

Rosehill TPV® Rubber Wetpour
The Next Generation of Rubber Wetpour s projects.

Rosehill TPV® is a Thermoplastic Vulcanised Coloured Rubber. Developed to be a robust and versatile alternative to other products of its type, it is made from premium quality virgin rubber, anti-oxidants, UV stabilisers and pigments. Tried and tested in the harsh Australian climate for ten years, it offers superior UV stability and colour consistency.

We also supply top of the range polyurethane binders to use with Rosehill TPV® rubber wetpour. Rosehill TPV® is long lasting and remains flexible for many years.

Rosehill TPV® benefits:

  • QUV Weatherometer testing
  • Does not leach out black carbon or colour pigments
  • Will not fade to white over time
  • Good luminosity
  • Rubber granules are non-porous compared to EPDM.  This means that the polyurethane cannot be absorbed by the TPV and so the surface stays softer for longer
  • Long wearing, high elasticity recovery
  • Colour consistency
  • Does not contain heavy metals.  Is non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Flame retardant granules also available
  • Minimum dust levels which achieve less Polyurethane usage
  • Complies to Australian standard ASNZ 4422:1986 as well as global standards BS EN 1177 and BS 7188
  • Available in 20 colours and 2 grades.

Wet Parks

The unique nature of Rosehill TPV® rubber wetpour makes it ideal for use in Wet Parks. It has superior water and chlorine resistance with outstanding UV stability helping to prevent colours fading. The polyurethane used cannot be absorbed by the Rosehill TPV® and so the surface stays softer for longer. Non-toxic and non-allergenic, it is the ideal surface for these unique playground environments.

Rosehill TPV Colours

With an advanced chemistry and over 24 standard colours, TPV is the perfect rubber granule for anyone who designs indoor or outdoor sports and play surfaces. From architects to installers, TPV will more than meet the requirements of any specifier; it will exceed your expectations by far.

Rosehill TPV outperforms other coloured rubber granules in terms of UV stability simply by utilising the most advanced additives and pigments. These are combined with one of most innovative thermoplastic elastomer base polymers at relatively high levels to give a colourfastness that is superior to EPDM-type rubber granules. Not only does the colour last for longer but the granules do not harden over time either as the material is cross-linked using peroxide which also offers excellent material stability in comparison to sulphur-cured granules.

Recreational: CSBR®
100% Recycled Rubber. A sustainable solution

Extensively used across Australia for various wetpour surface applications, CSBR® has made work cleaner for workers trowelling rubber.
• Large scale production eliminates unsightly colour variations between batches
• Available in 18 different standard colours

• Playgrounds
• Golf Pathways
• Outdoor Rubber flooring
• Patio flooring
• Driveways
• Walkways
• Non-slip surfaces
• Footpath surfacing